Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Gear

Like many women, as I think about having a new baby in the house, I start thinking about all of the things we'll need to buy.  Of course there are the diapers, bottles, and burp rags.  If this baby is a girl, then we already have more clothes than she will ever need.  If this baby is a boy, I've got some shopping to do.  Then of course, I am thinking about all of the fun things, like decorating the room.  Again, if we get a girl, then she will use the same bedding that we already have.  However, a boy with purple flowered bedding won't be right. 

I love etsy.  I started searching there for adoption-related items and I love this vinyl lettering.  I can picture above the crib of a little boy or little girl.  I'll just have to decide what color to paint the walls first.

I've seen these types of necklaces before and I really like them.  I'm wondering how I could incorporate my birth child and my adopted child on one necklace.  Any ideas?

I'm pretty sure my comic-book-loving husband will want one of these.  I think it is pretty cute too.

I love this shirt too.  This is what adoption is all about.  More love!

I love this quote, but I would probably never wear a necklace that big.

After I finished perusing etsy, I broadened my search.  I found these customizable shirts that I think are hilarious.  I think I might be ordering one in the future.

I have to say that I ran across a lot of stuff that said things like, "We chose you."  There were onesies that said, "Chosen."  I don't think we will be buying any of those, because I don't feel like we are choosing a baby.  That's not even how it works anyway.  I feel like I need a shirt for myself that says, "Chosen."  We will be the family that is chosen to raise this incredible baby.  It's not the other way around. 

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