Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know this is something that I researched a lot while we were in "research-mode."  It seems the numbers vary widely from family to family, but I'll keep track of our expenses here. These costs are all for the Agency-Assisted program.

  1. Preliminary Application - $195
  2. Birth Certificate - $15 
    1. I don't know if I should include this, but I really only ordered it for the purpose of adoption)
  3. Background Checks - $150
    1. $50/person
  4. Fingerprinting Fee - $60
    1. $20/person
  5. SRS Background checks - $30
    1. $10/person
  6. Copays for physical from doctor - $140
    1. $30 each for Matt and me.  
    2. $25 for Lexi.
    3. $55 for my sister (she is uninsured at the moment).
  7. Homestudy - $1000 (paid when we wanted the homestudy packet)
  8. Social Worker's travel expenses - $25 (paid to social worker at homestudy visit)
  9. Profile completion -$395 (paid when we sent in our pictures for the profile)
  10. Activation fee- $2000 (paid at time of activation)
  11. Maximum Match fee - $20,000 (will be paid within 48 hours of match) 
    1. This was a fee we chose within a range of $16,000-24,000 for the AA program
  12. Travel Expenses - ????
    1. We will not know this until we know where the birthmother who chooses us is from
  13. Post-Placement Report - $150-250
    1. This may or may not be necessary depending on the circumstances
    2. It is $150 for phone visits and $250 for home visits
    3. Our social worker told us that the max number of visits is 6 (3 home and 3 phone), but the number all depends on the laws in the state the baby is born in.
So, that puts us at a grand total of  $24,410+.  We'll see where the final numbers lands.

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