Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paperwork & God's Amazing Timing

We are deep in the paperwork right now.  We're still figuring out a few things to finish our Adoptive Parent Questionnaire and we're working on getting everything together for the homestudy.   It's not an optimal good time, but it's a means to an end.

One of the things I have been praying about is finding more friends with African American children.  My best friend has four biological biracial children, but I really want to create more of a community for our future child.

A couple weeks ago I put a prayer request in at church.  We have only been attending this church for about six months.  I really love the church, but I still don't feel like we've found our niche within the church.  Back to the prayer request:  "As we enter the process of adoption, we ask for prayers for the expectant mother who may already be pregnant with the child who will be a part of our family."  We put that it could be a public prayer request.

Yesterday, Matt got a call from a woman who saw the prayer request and wanted to get to know us.  After a little bit of phone tag, I finally talked to her tonight.  She adopted a biracial child ten years ago after struggling with infertility.  She has gone on to have two biological children and a failed adoption.  I am generally not a phone chatter, but I fought myself pouring out our story to someone I've never actually met.  I've probably seen her in the halls of the church, and I think I've met her husband and daughter.  It was exciting to hear about how well her open adoption has worked out.  I look forward to getting to know them better.  She also told me about a local group for families who have done transracial adoption.  God sure knows how to answer prayers.

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