Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remaining To-Do List

I feel like we've accomplished a lot in the last week, so it's time to update the to-do list:

  • clean (I have to say that if the homestudy social worker had walked in the door yesterday, I would have been completely comfortable presenting our home, but cleaning seems to be necessary everyday)
  • Post an evacuation plan on every level of the house
  • Clean out the garage (Is this really necessary for a baby?)
  • Get Physician's form back from my sister (I believe she is going to the doctor today) 
  • Get 4 reference letters (3 friends and 1 family) - I only have one back so far
Additional Stuff:
  • Keep working on our Adoptive Parent Profile, because I know I will want to edit it several times. 
    • Get some pictures taken of just Matt and I alone.  
      • Do you know that the last picture I have of just the two of us was taken in June 2009?  It was on our anniversary and I took it with the timer on my camera.  So, needless to say, it's not the best picture.  It's funny how priorities change when you have a child.  I have a multitude of pictures with the three of us and with Lexi with each of us.
    • We have our APQ review on Friday afternoon.  I'm excited about that.
    • Then we need to schedule our Homestudy!

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