Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday is Active Day!

Our profile was complete on Monday. However, we need to sign our activation paperwork in front of a notary (together) and Matt can't take off work this week. So, Friday afternoon (Matt is always off on Friday) we are going to the bank to sign the papers and then we are hand-delivering them to the agency. This actually works out great because we can then pick up the video camera and instructions to work on our video profile. I believe our profile will go active on Friday when we drop off the signed papers (and the $2000 activation fee).

We weren't planning to do the video profile, but they are encouraging all of their new prospective adoptive parents to make them now. So, we are doing it. It will actually be a great weekend to video some family activities. We have Lexi's soccer game, the Easter carnival at church, Easter egg dying with family, and Easter celebration itself. So, hopefully we can get lots of great footage this weekend.


  1. Congrats! I know a couple who just adopted an AA baby through American Adoptions. They went active at 3:00 pm on a Friday, were matching at 6:00 pm that same day, and flew out the next day to pick up their child!

  2. Yes- Elizabeth. I know them as well. We'll see what God has in store for us.