Monday, April 11, 2011

Profile Revisions

We got an e-mail back from the agency about our profile submissions.  Apparently they want even more photos of just Matt and me alone.  Any parent knows that the focus of pictures quickly becomes your child, so we already had to make a concerted effort to take some of just the two of us.  Apparently we need more.

We were also told that our wording was too strong in one section.  I guess it may feel overwhelming to some expectant mothers for adoptive parents to want a fully open relationship?  They suggested that we change the wording to basically say that we are open to whatever type of relationship they want. 

Honestly, that makes me a little sad.  I really do hope to have an open relationship with the birthfamily, but I guess it is best that I come to the realization now that this may not be was a birthfamily wants.

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