Friday, April 8, 2011

Submitted the Profile

I had it all typed out on the website for over a week now, but I kept going back and second-guessing my writing skills.  I used to be a great writer in college.  I could whip up a paper in a couple hours, while my classmates would spend days pining over every little word.  I tutored grammar for a few years even though I was a biology major.  My professor told me that I was a natural writer and I should pursue it.  Obviously that didn't happen.  Instead I buried my nose in biology and chemistry, then eventually more anatomy and physiology, radiology, diagnostics, etc. etc.

So, now my writing is shared in little tidbits on a blog and I'm fairly certain I've lost my talent for writing.  As I wrote little articles about ourselves, I found that writing things "from us" was rather difficult.   So, I pined over my words for a week (or two) and I finally just said, "FORGET IT!"  I clicked the submit button. 

I sent our CD of pictures on Monday and received an e-mail telling me they were only waiting on our profile to be submitted.  So, it's done.  Now they can put it all together for us and I'll put a link here when we are active so you can all see my attempt at writing. 


  1. EEEEEE! I am so excited for you! I know you have a great support system in place with your family, extended family, friends, but if there is any small thing you need that I can do for you, I'm your woman! I mean it. I am so happy and hopeful for your family :)