Friday, March 18, 2011

Nana Shopping Begins. . .

I really think that one of my mom's favorite things in the world is garage-saling.  She love the hunting, bartering, and deal-finding.  I think she loves the chase.  Even though the true garage sale season hasn't started yet, she can still sniff out the random early garage sale.  So, when she called me yesterday to tell me about her find, I wasn't surprised.

Now, we saved our favorite clothes from when Lexi was younger and we have some gender neutral stuff (because the sonographer wasn't 100% on her gender).  I've also been gifted some gender neutral things from generous friends, and I've picked up a few things that I couldn't pass up.  So really, the new baby has enough clothing for the first 0-3 months.

My mom confirmed that this baby will indeed have clothing by buying 15 boy outfits at a garage sale yesterday.  She's quite proud of herself and her thriftiness.  She should be proud, considering she only spent $10.

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