Monday, March 14, 2011

More Preparations. . .

Now that the homestudy visit is finished, it is time to start more serious preparations for a baby.  Our agency published a list for Preparing for the Hospital:

For Baby:
____ Disposable diapers (newborn size) and baby wipes (be sure to buy wipes for sensitive skin, as most newborn are sensitive to wipes containing fragrance, dyes or other products)
____ Bottle and nipples (you will be able to buy formula from a nearby store when you learn what is being used by the hospital)
____ Burp cloths (you can use cloth diapers or small towels)
____ Diaper bag and portable changing pad
____ Weather-appropriate clothing
____ Baby shampoo, lotion, diaper rash cream, etc. (these may also be supplied by the hospital, so you may wish to wait on these items, as well)
____ Baby blankets
­­­­­____ Onesies
____ Baby booties or socks
____ Infant carrier/car seat
____ Pacifiers
For Mom and Dad:
____ A few basic clothing items which can be easily mixed and matched)
____ Dress clothes for court (if your adoption requires a court appearance)
____ Comfortable shoes
____ Cell phone and charger (if you don’t have one, please purchase one as it will make it easier to reach you during this process)
 ____ What to Expect the First Year by Arlene Eisenberg (a good reference for first time parents when they have questions at 1 a.m. or are too embarrassed to call someone)
 ____ A place for baby to sleep while awaiting ICPC approval (pack n’ play, travel baby bed or make arrangements for the hotel to provide a crib)
____   Personal hygiene products (shampoo, shaving cream, mouthwash, deodorant, moisturizer, waterless hand-wash, etc.)
____ Snacks
____ Camera (and lots of batteries or camera charger cord)
____ Travel journal to document the experience
____ A good book
____ All travel and adoption documents!
I'll probably edit their list for us.

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