Sunday, March 6, 2011

Preparing for Baby

I ran to the store the other day to return some Christmas gifts.  They sat in our closet for a couple months, and with the homestudy just around the corner, I've started cleaning out closets.

After I returned the items I started browsing the baby section and I just felt this urge that I needed diapers in the house.  So, I bought some.
Now, I plan on cloth diapering at home, because we really saw the benefits when we started with our daughter.  I have some that can fit a small baby, but not enough.  I feel the urge to buy some more cloth as well.

I started thinking about all of the necessities of a newborn more this weekend.  I started searching through all of the bins in our storage area and I could not find our newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  I mentioned it to my mom and it just so happens that the box of clothing I was searching for was in her garage.  My sister borrowed them when she had her baby and left them at my mom's

I went out to her house this weekend and we pulled out all of the little clothes.  I remembered my daughter in each of them.  My mom said she was amazed at my memory of which onesie had pants and which had a skirt.   There are many little pink outfits, but there are enough yellow and green outfits to put me at ease.

I guess I just needed enough baby stuff in the house to know that a newborn won't be naked and cold if we get a call that there is a baby born.  My mom assured me that her love of shopping will continue with the next grandchild.  I can sleep soundly tonight.

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