Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wish. . .

I was reading a book last night, and Lexi asked me what it was about.

"It's about people who were adopted, and the people who adopted them."

She asked, "Was I adopted?"
"No, you weren't adopted.  You grew inside of me.  Remember the pictures of me when I was pregnant?"
"Oh yeah."
Then she proceeded to ask about many relatives and friends.  "Were they adopted?"
"No, they weren't adopted."
Then she said, very matter-of-factly, "I wish I was adopted."
Now, this was not said in the "I wish I had different parents way."  We have only really discussed what a blessing adoption can be with her.  So, of course she wishes she could be adopted.
I told her, "If you were adopted, then I wouldn't be here with you now.  You would have another mommy."
"No.  I wish you would adopt me."
"I didn't need to adopt you because you grew inside of me."
"OK.  Let's read a story."

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