Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why us?

This was a question that was floating around in my mind.  I just wonder what set us apart.  Out of all of the waiting families, why did e-mom choose us?  I asked her when we spoke with her yesterday.  She said, "You were simple and down-to-earth."  I  like to think that we are pretty down-to-earth.  She continued, "I looked at a lot of profiles that had all of these extreme vacations and they just seemed so over-the-top.  Your vacations were simple and family-oriented."  I told Matt that I was never more thankful for our Branson vacations and camping trips. 

I just find it so ironic and just another way that God proves that He works in the small things.  I remember looking at other PAP (potential adoptive parent) profiles and thinking, "We haven't been to the Great Wall of China or climbed the Mayan ruins.  What if e-moms think we won't be able to give this child an extravagant lifestyle?"  In the end, our family-friendly, relatively simple vacations are why we were chosen.  Thank you God.