Monday, August 8, 2011

Conversational Dilemma

After that conversation at church a week ago, I prayed about it and decided that I wasn't going to offer up the fact that Jayvan is adopted to every stranger.  I am not going to lie if someone asks me a question, but I'm not going to volunteer the information either.  Yet, I still feel this desire to over-share, because we could not be happier or more proud of our son and his adoption.

I practiced my non-over-sharing skills at dinner last night.  We went out to The Blue Moose, because it is Matt's favorite.  The woman at the table next to us asked, "How old is he?"

I replied, "He was a month old yesterday."

She gushed about how cute he is and what mother doesn't love that?  Then she said something about all of his dark hair.  "I bet it will lighten up just like his big sister's."

Now, if this conversation had happened a couple weeks ago, I probably would have gone on about his adoption, but I didn't.  I said, "Well, her hair started out that light.  His will probably stay dark."  Matt has dark hair, so it is conceivable that the dark hair came from him. 

Whew.  That wasn't so hard.  We finished up our dinner and headed to the car.  Every stranger we meet doesn't have to know that Jayvan is adopted.  It's obvious that he is a loved member of our family.

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  1. Sounds like a much better experience. Being adopted is a part of Jayvan's life, but not the defining part of it. I hope the conversations continue to go well.