Friday, August 5, 2011

Post-Placement Legal Fun

We already knew that Virginia required three post-placement visits.  We found out last night that the first of those visits has to happen within thirty days of placement.  Jayvan was placed with us on July 8, so that means we have to have this visit within the next four days.  The only time our social worker had was at noon tomorrow.  Lexi's birthday party is at 2:00, but we will make this work.

We also found out that we cannot petition the court for finalization until six months after placement and it typically takes four to six weeks to get a court date.  So, it looks like our adoption finalization until February or March.

Now, I need to get off of this computer so I can clean and prepare thirty giftbags for Lexi's party.  Whew.


  1. Did I read somewhere that you're in Kansas? Why is it taking so long to finalize? My youngest was born in Washington state august 7 of last year. We finalized in Kansas (our home state) September 18, 210. Congratulations on your new little man - he is beautiful!

  2. We do live in KS, but we have to follow VA laws for finalization. We will be able to finalize over the phone though.

  3. That's good! We were able to choose which state we wanted to finalize in.

    Again, congratulations!