Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Homestudy Visit

Today was the much-anticipated homestudy visit.  I cleaned and cleaned even though I have heard from everyone that it doesn't really matter how clean your house is.

The social worker (SW) got here right on time and started with my interview.  Matt was grateful that he was able to watch the end of the Duke game.

The SW asked about my childhood, my family, our parenting, how I feel about the adoption process, etc.  I gave her a tour of the house.  I had worried about all the little details and the only thing she actually wanted to see was a fire extinguisher and our emergency numbers.  She wanted to know that we had exit plans in case of emergency.

My mom and sister took Lexi to a parade that we go to every year and they arrived back so that my sister could be interviewed.  I don't know what she really asked Ashley, because I stepped out of the room, but it went well apparently.

The SW also asked Lexi some questions, but Lexi won't tell me what she talked about.  So be it.

She interviewed Matt alone and the two of us together.  It is sometimes difficult to come up with answers about yourself.  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?  It was ultimately no big deal though.

As she was getting ready to leave she told us that if she had any concerns she would tell us right now.  (pause)  "I have no concerns."

So we passed.  Yay!  It will take her about two weeks to type up the homestudy (she was writing the entire time she was here), and then it will be sent for approval by the agency and ourselves.  The whole process should be over in two weeks to a month.  Then we will make our profile active and we could be matched with a birth mother at anytime.

We just found out this afternoon that another couple who is using the same agency as we are was matched with a born baby 3.5 hours after going active.  3.5 hours! I had tentative plans to get together with them in a couple weeks so that we could get to know each other better.  Now they are in New York getting their baby!  I am so excited for them.

Oh- Because I realize how tedious it can be to read a blog with no pictures, here are some pictures of our clean house ready for the homestudy!

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