Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chat with E-mom!

We had the much-anticipated call with e-mom today.  E-dad ended up not being on the call.  Lissa (the birth parent specialist) was on the call with us to direct conversation if needed.  She basically only introduced us and said one other thing about something she would take care of (hospital details). 

Even though we completely understand that this is a hard time for e-mom, it was very hard for me to contain my excitement.  I acknowledged that I knew this was a hard time in her life, and I won't forget that even though we are excited.  She told us that she was really happy that we were so excited.  It would be weird if we weren't.

She wanted to know a bit more about the area we live in and we told her about our proximity to the city and the country.  We feel like we have the best of both worlds living in the suburbs.  She seemed to really like that.  We talked about our schools (which are awesome by the way).  She really wants this little boy to have a great education and so do we.

We asked her how she felt about us bringing our daughter with us and she was really excited about it.  It looks like we may be traveling before the baby is born to meet her and her family.  Exciting times are ahead of us!


  1. Great news! I'm glad it went well. It will be so nice to have some time to plan your travel.