Monday, June 20, 2011

Chat with our Adoptive Parent Specialist

We spoke with Laurie today.  She helped us think about how to handle the call with e-mom tomorrow.  I started with saying that during the call with e-mom I really wanted to just be myself, but I don't want to say the wrong thing.  Laurie reassured me that she thought we would have a great call if we were just ourselves and open and honest.  Whew! That is what I needed to hear.  I am an over-sharer in general but I can't imagine trying to hold back when I am talking to the woman who wants us to parent the baby she is carrying. 

She reassured us that it is OK to be excited, but we should also acknowledge that we understand how hard this time is for e-mom.  I can totally handle that.  I haven't really known how to manage my excitement at the possibility of having a new baby boy to cherish and love.  I also asked Laurie if it would be OK if I cried on the phone, because I'm also a crier.  She assured me that it would be OK and show that I'm real.  Well, good.  I'm a real over-sharing crier.  This should work out great!

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